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Learn how to reduce
costs and energy consumption

We provide comprehensive energy efficiency consulting services. We help reduce costs and permanently reduce energy consumption in manufacturing facilities and public institutions.

Selected Clients:

1# Energy Cost Optimization

Our team of specialists has extensive experience and expertise in the field of energy cost optimization. We utilize proprietary software that allows us to optimize tariff groups and contractual electrical power. Additionally, we assess the feasibility of reactive power compensation, further reducing energy procurement costs.

2# Improving energy efficiency

At Energy Trend, we understand that only optimally selected solutions deliver the intended effect. Therefore, we conduct energy efficiency and financial analyses by engineers specializing in a specific industry. We identify ready-made solutions and assist in their implementation to improve energy efficiency in a given company.

3# Energy Security

We believe that the path to energy security and independence lies in the modernization of the energy system. Therefore, we use our experience and specialized knowledge to select the appropriate technologies and optimize them. We are able to build a completely independent or balanced energy system for your company, which increases energy security and independence.

4# Financing and support

The key element of any modernization is its financing and the management of the entire investment process. Therefore, our team supports you throughout the entire collaboration. We acquire financial resources, prepare applications and submissions to authorities, and oversee the investment to help you carry out your modernization projects.

Our most popular services

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If you are interested in our services, please contact us. During a free consultation, we will determine the areas in which we can assist you and present our solutions. We are available to you from Monday to Friday between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

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