Building Envelope Tightness Testing

Building envelope tightness testing, also known as an air tightness test, is an essential process to safeguard a building from uncontrolled airflow and heat loss. These tests are conducted using specialized equipment that measures the pressure inside the building relative to outside conditions. If the pressure difference is too significant, it indicates that the building is not airtight and that air is flowing through its structure. In such cases, specialists will provide you with a test report, including information about the level of leakage and recommendations for repairing any faults.

The service includes:

  • Conducting an air tightness test using specialized measuring equipment
  • Evaluating the test results and determining the level of leakage
  • A test report containing information about the level of leakage and recommendations for repairing any faults

Testing the tightness is crucial both for new construction and for renovations and upgrades of existing buildings. With our service, you can be sure that your building is airtight and that there is no uncontrolled airflow. Conducting such a test is worthwhile to improve the energy efficiency of the building, which will positively impact heating and ventilation costs and enhance the overall comfort of the building.

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