Certificate of energy performance

An energy performance certificate is a document that specifies the energy characteristics of a building. It is required when selling or renting a building or premises, and it will also soon be required for building handovers. The purpose of the certificate is to inform potential buyers or tenants about the operational costs of the building and enable them to make informed decisions.

The energy performance certificate contains information about energy consumption for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, domestic hot water, lighting, and other purposes. In particular, the certificate includes information about the annual primary energy demand, annual final energy demand, and energy use. The energy performance certificate is valid for 10 years from the date of issue.

To create an energy performance certificate, you need to hire a person who holds the necessary qualifications to perform it. The person preparing the certificate must also be registered on the list of individuals authorized to create energy certificates, maintained by the Ministry of Development and Technology. The certificate should be based on real data and current documentation or a building inventory. Therefore, offering an energy performance certificate at a low price may be an indication that the person performing it lacks the required qualifications, or the energy performance certificate may be inaccurately prepared. It is important to ensure that the person chosen to prepare the certificate has the appropriate qualifications and credentials and to carefully analyze the price offer before making a decision.

As part of the Energy Trend team, we offer professional energy performance certificate services for all types of buildings and premises. Our auditors have years of experience and hold all the necessary qualifications and certifications to confirm our expertise.

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