Grants for Energy Efficiency

Obtaining grants for projects related to energy efficiency and environmental protection involves securing funding from public sources to implement a specific project. These grants can come from various sources, such as the European Union, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, the National Development Fund, or local authorities.

Here are a few examples of investments that may be eligible for funding:

As part of the service, our specialists assist in identifying suitable sources of funding, preparing funding applications, and conducting negotiations with financing institutions. Our advisors can also help prepare business plans, energy audits, and other documents required to secure funding.

The process of obtaining grants is usually complex and time-consuming, so it’s worth using our specialists. A well-prepared application and meeting formal requirements increase the chances of securing grants.

In addition to grants, we also provide support in obtaining Eco-loans and white certificates.

Why is it worth investing in energy efficiency?

Grants for energy efficiency are excellent support for covering investment costs. Although the costs of purchasing modern equipment related to energy modernization typically pay off within a few years, utilizing grants is a significant help, especially for large projects. It’s an opportunity to replace outdated equipment and install modern solutions that enhance the comfort of being in buildings. Modernization can begin with improving air quality by installing devices such as heat pumps and extend to enhancing the operation of various devices and production lines in various types of enterprises and manufacturing plants. Their installation also leads to a reduction in energy bills, has a positive impact on the natural environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Most devices do not emit any harmful substances, their operation is straightforward, and their operation is usually quite quiet.

Energy efficiency in a broader perspective is also a factor contributing to increasing energy availability and supporting sustainable development. Modern, efficient devices can provide sufficient energy at a low cost. Energy is considered one of the most important elements that can support poverty alleviation and climate change mitigation. Funding programs are aimed at both individuals and businesses, as well as institutions. We will find the right type of grant and write an application for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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