Heat recovery in industry

Heat recovery in industry is a key way to reduce costs and improve energy efficiency. In industry, heat is generated by various processes, such as production, technological processes, fuel combustion, and cooling. Heat recovery allows for the reuse of this heat instead of disposing of it as waste.

One of the popular methods of heat recovery in industry is the recovery of heat from exhaust gases. In this process, the heat generated by fuel combustion is captured before it escapes into the environment and redirected for heating or production purposes.

Heat recovery from compressors is another method commonly used in industry. Compressors generate heat during operation, which can be redirected for heating, production, or technological purposes using a heat exchanger.

Heat recovery from refrigeration equipment is also an effective solution in industry. The heat recovered from the refrigeration system can be used to supply systems inside the building, such as central heating, hot water, or production processes.

Recovery is another method of heat recovery that is often used in industry. It involves using heat from the air exhausted from the building to heat the incoming air.

In addition to these methods, there are also other heat recovery methods, such as heat recovery from ventilation systems, heat recovery from technological processes, and heat recovery from absorption devices.

The use of heat recovery in industry allows for significant cost savings, improved energy efficiency, and a reduction in emissions of pollutants.

Our consulting services in the field of heat recovery for businesses include a comprehensive analysis of your company’s operations and the identification of heat recovery opportunities. Our experts will conduct an energy audit to determine where and how much heat is being lost in your company. We will advise on redirecting the heat for production processes, technological purposes, central heating, hot water, and other purposes. We will also assist in selecting appropriate solutions and support you throughout the implementation process.

Before implementing a heat recovery system, it’s worth considering obtaining White Certificates, which can partially finance the investment.

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