To improve a company’s energy security, it’s necessary to take certain actions. One of the key steps is to modernize the energy system. This allows the company to become less dependent on external energy supplies and enhances energy security within the premises. Modernization also helps minimize the risk of energy supply interruptions, which is crucial for the operation and functioning of any business. To achieve complete energy security and independence, it’s worth investing in modern solutions and technologies that enable efficient and reliable energy management:

  • Cogeneration is the process of simultaneously producing two types of energy, namely heat and electricity. Trigeneration is also commonly used, which additionally produces cooling through the heat absorption process. This allows for increased energy efficiency and reduced energy losses.
  • Photovoltaics (PV) is the production of electrical energy using solar panels. Photovoltaics is a clean and non-emissive source of energy, which allows for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and an improvement in air quality.
  • Energy storage systems allow for the storage of excess electrical energy, typically generated during peak hours. This enables the replenishment of energy shortages during periods of lower demand.
  • Hydrogen technologies are based on the production and use of hydrogen as an energy carrier. These technologies enable the storage of energy in the form of hydrogen and its subsequent utilization, increasing flexibility and energy supply security.

These and other modern solutions used in the process of upgrading the energy system allow for increased efficiency and energy supply security, which is crucial for ensuring reliability and stability in any company.

System coherence and energy supply security

It is important that all applied technologies work as one coherent system because this allows for optimal performance and efficiency. Combining these solutions allows for the integration of different energy sources and enables them to complement each other, ensuring the stability and security of energy supplies.

For example, during peak hours when the demand for electrical energy is high, energy storage systems can supplement shortages, which may come from sources like photovoltaics. During periods of lower energy demand, energy storage systems can be charged using excess energy produced by photovoltaics or cogeneration.

In the case of hydrogen technologies, hydrogen can be produced from excess energy generated by photovoltaics and energy storage systems, allowing for its storage and utilization when other energy sources are not available.

Therefore, creating a cohesive system that integrates these solutions allows for optimal performance and efficiency while ensuring the stability and security of energy supplies.

Other methods to improve energy security

In addition to upgrading the energy system, there are other ways to improve a company’s energy security. One of them is to diversify energy sources. This can reduce dependence on a single supplier and increase resilience to unplanned supply interruptions. Another step can be to optimize energy consumption, by introducing solutions such as efficient lighting or modern energy-saving appliances.

In addition, it is also important to regularly monitor and control the condition of energy infrastructure. This allows for the timely detection and correction of any faults or irregularities, which increases energy supply security.

It is worth remembering that energy security is not only a technical issue but also an organizational one. Therefore, it is important for a company to have appropriate procedures and an action plan in case of unplanned energy supply interruptions.

To sum up, improving energy security in a company requires the implementation of various actions, from modernizing the energy system and diversifying energy sources to optimizing consumption and regular monitoring with appropriate procedures. Only in this way can full security and reliability of energy supplies be ensured, which is crucial for the operation of any company.