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and modernization

Formal and legal support for investments and modernization is a service that involves providing assistance with formalities and legal matters related to the implementation of energy and environmental investments. This service includes, among other things, assistance in obtaining the required permits, connection conditions, environmental decisions, as well as the preparation of necessary contracts and legal documents. For example, our advisors can help with obtaining a building permit, zoning conditions decision, as well as in preparing lease or rental agreements for renewable energy projects.

The formal and legal support of energy and environmental investments by our company is beneficial for businesses as it helps avoid issues related to non-compliance with applicable laws and facilitates the implementation of investments. This service speeds up and simplifies the execution of projects related to environmental protection, energy efficiency improvement, and the deployment of renewable energy sources. Additionally, advisors can assist businesses in resolving any legal issues that may arise during the investment process and in negotiations with government institutions responsible for issuing administrative decisions.

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