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An effective way to secure financing!

We conduct lighting audits for businesses and institutions to help them apply for financing from the RPO, NFOŚiGW, Norwegian Funds, etc., as well as to obtain White Certificates.

Article: Lighting Audit in Municipality and Company. Get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What Lighting Audits do we conduct?

Street Lighting

We mainly conduct Street Lighting Audits at the request of cities and municipalities that want to modernize street lighting in streets, parks, bike paths, and sidewalks. From our experience, we know that the most common reason for ordering an audit is the desire to obtain funds from Regional Operational Programs, the Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund, and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, for example, within the “Sowa – outdoor lighting” program.

Industrial Lighting

This type of industrial lighting audit in our offer is aimed at companies looking to upgrade lighting in places such as production facilities, warehouses, and large retail stores. Industrial Lighting Audits are often conducted at the request of companies to obtain White Certificates from the Energy Regulatory Office (URE).

Office Lighting

We also conduct Lighting Audits in hospitals, small shops, offices, shopping malls, government buildings, and schools. Most often, the goal is to secure funding from state and EU funds and to benefit from the White Certificate System. Każde z tych rozwiązań to dodatkowe korzyści pod kątem finansowym!

Specialist Lighting

We also offer our services to all companies and institutions that need to modernize their specialized lighting in their workplaces. By specialized lighting, we mean, among other things, emergency lighting, lighting resistant to extreme temperatures, explosion-proof lighting, lighting used for plant illumination, and others.

What will you learn from the Lighting Audit?

What is the current state of lighting?

We conduct a thorough inventory of the lighting. We count all fixtures, check their power, and identify their installation locations. For better understanding and convenience of the client, we document the condition of all inventoried lighting fixtures in photographic form. In the case of Street Lighting Audits, we also determine the geolocation of lamp posts with an accuracy of up to 0.5 meters, the parameters of lamp posts, streets, and transformer stations.

What does a lighting project look like?

Based on the inventory, current standards, and client’s requirements, we create lighting projects. We use the DIALux program, which allows us to calculate the appropriate distribution of illumination in various planes. In the prepared project, we specify the location of fixtures and the minimum power required to meet the standards. When designing lighting, we always keep in mind that it should have a positive impact on the work of employees and traffic on roads.

You will get to know various lighting modernization options.

After analyzing the client’s needs and requirements, we propose various lighting modernization options. Among them are different technological solutions, the implementation of which always results in reduced energy consumption, leading to savings for your institution. In the Street Lighting Audit, we also consider the possibility of changing the ownership of luminaires. This could involve, for example, the municipality purchasing the luminaires from the lighting operator or constructing a new series of luminaires independently.

What ecological and economic effects can be achieved?

We compare all lighting options in terms of economics and ecology. Only then can you be sure that we offer your institution a real choice of the best and most optimal solutions. In the audit, we determine the durability of fixtures, the return on investment period, and possible warranties from the manufacturer. We also assess how the lighting modernization will have a positive impact on the environment.

How does the proposal for lighting control automation look like?

In the audit, we propose lighting control automation based on DALI. We implement zone control, motion sensors, and light intensity sensors. This allows the power supplies in the fixtures to adjust the output to the lighting conditions required at any given moment. This allows for using only as much energy as necessary. During Street Lighting Audits, we also offer automation to adjust the lighting to current traffic conditions and late-night hours.

How to achieve the maximum number of points in the fund?

We make every effort to ensure that the conducted Lighting Audit can secure the maximum number of points when applying for financing for the modernization. This is especially important when conducting a Street Lighting Audit for cities and municipalities. Our years of experience show that often just one point can determine whether an institution receives funds for the investment or not.

Why is it worth conducting a Lighting Audit?

A properly conducted audit increases the chances of obtaining additional funds in several ways:

  • It is needed to obtain funds from the RPO, NFOŚiGW, WFOŚiGW, POIiŚ, Norwegian Grants and others.

  • After conducting it, you can apply for White Certificates

  • It facilitates the selection of lighting that meets current standards

  • After the lighting modernization is completed, the audit verifies the correct operation of the entire installation and its compliance with standards

  • Only our audit will help compare lighting from different manufacturers according to the Investor’s guidelines

How does the procedure look?

We conduct Street Lighting, Office Lighting, Industrial Lighting, and Specialized Lighting Audits in 9 stages. All we need from you is to provide us with the necessary documents and requirements specific to your company or institution.

  1. Analysis of the client’s needs and requirements
  2. Familiarization with the fund’s requirements
  3. Inventory of existing lighting
  4. Development of lighting projects
  5. Preparation of the audit report
  6. Preparation of an application for the selected fund or assistance in its preparation
  7. Analysis of tender offers
  8. Lighting modernization
  9. Post-execution audit

Analysis of the client’s needs and requirements


Familiarization with the fund’s requirements


Inventory of existing lighting


Development of lighting projects


Preparation of the audit report


Preparation of the application for the fund or assistance in its preparation


Analysis of tender offers


Lighting modernization





  • Tasks performed by EnergyTrend

  • Tasks performed by the Investor

Why should you choose us?

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that we will conduct the Lighting Audit according to the highest standards. Therefore, we are confident that it will not be rejected by any funding institution. However, if such a situation does occur, upon your institution’s request, we will refund our entire fee, and we will conduct the audit again at no cost.

Experienced specialists

Our team is made up of energy auditors, and their long experience in the industry is supported by numerous named references. Each of our auditors is a specialist in their field, including district heating, electrical engineering, industrial technology, and renewable energy. We are proud to be on the list of the Association of Energy Auditors.

Support in tenders

As part of the Lighting Audit, we provide all our clients with professional advice at no extra cost. We assist in preparing tenders for LED lighting fixture manufacturers. Furthermore, we compare the submitted offers in terms of lighting projects and compliance with the requirements of the funds for which your institution is seeking financing.

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