Strategy to reduce power fee costs

The capacity charge is another cost for the facility that can be effectively reduced. The capacity charge was introduced by lawmakers in 2021, citing the need to ensure energy security. This charge is calculated for 15 consecutive hours, from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM on each working day, excluding public holidays. Starting from January 1, 2023, the capacity charge is 102.40 PLN/MWh, while in the previous year, it was 102.60 PLN/MWh. In 2021, the capacity charge was set at 76.20 PLN/MWh. It has a strong correlation with the energy consumption of production and work organization. To counteract the effects of the law, which is to reduce the charge, a new, appropriately adjusted work schedule can be established, and specific devices can be activated at specific times. However, providing advice in this area is difficult without knowledge of the plant’s work specifics. The company can seek other, potentially more expensive but simpler solutions to mitigate the effects of the capacity charge. For instance, installing photovoltaic panels in the company is likely to help offset the effects of the capacity charge.

It’s worth considering if the peak energy demand hours coincide with the times when solar energy can be generated.

Drawing. Hours of calculating the capacity fee.

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