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All of our expertise goes into building your company’s independent energy strategy and comprehensive support for improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Energetic Audits and Measurements

Energy Audit for Your Business

Energy Efficiency Audit

Lighting Energy Audit

Energy Strategy Development

Compressed Air Leak Detection

Thermographic Inspections of Heating Installations

Thermographic Measurements Using a Drone

Leakage Testing

Energy cost optimization

The process of purchasing electricity and fuel

Cost optimization
purchase of electricity

Strategy to reduce power fee costs

Reactive Power Compensation

Improving energy efficiency

Thermal modernization

Change of heat source

Lighting modernization

Motors and drives

Compressed air


and energy management

Heat recovery

Production technology

Energy Security



Energy Storage

Biogas Plant

Wind Energy

Hydrogen Technology

Modernization of the Energy System

Financing and management

White Certificates

from savings

Energy efficiency subsidies

Eco-loan for businesses

Economic Analysis of Heat Metering

Energy performance certificate

Circular economy

carbon footprint

Guarantee of Origin

Legal and Regulatory Investment Support

Consulting, financing, service

Our company offers comprehensive support at every stage of modernization to improve the energy efficiency of enterprises and their operations in many respects. We focus on modern environmentally friendly solutions, such as photovoltaic installations, heat pumps and LED lighting.

Before recommending a specific investment, we conduct a detailed study, assessing its profitability and relevance to the situation of a particular company, taking into account its size, financial condition and the specifics of its operations. We also advise on the best way to finance investments, and use innovative forms of payment.

Our services revolve around three pillars: financial consulting, financing and investment services. We conduct audits to check how energy is used in companies and offer assistance in building energy strategies. We conduct various types of surveys of buildings, equipment and installations, using modern equipment such as thermal imaging cameras and drones. Based on the findings, we recommend necessary repairs and upgrades. We assist in the selection of energy suppliers and favorable tariffs, as well as modern and energy-efficient machinery and systems for monitoring and managing equipment used in enterprises. We are happy to answer questions and clarify any doubts.

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