Energy sales for businesses

Support in the procurement process of electrical energy and natural gas

We assist in selecting the appropriate product offered by energy sellers. To achieve this, we analyze pricing terms and fee calculation methods. We also take into account factors such as the stability of energy suppliers in the market and the timing of product procurement.

When choosing the right product, price and the expected amount of future bills play a crucial role. A stable price throughout the year provides security for the company. However, upon closer analysis, it may turn out that flexible products are ultimately better suited to the business, resulting in lower bills and allowing you to outpace the competition that may have purchased energy earlier at a lower price.

It is also essential that the energy supplier’s position in the market is well-established. The larger the player with more customers, a longer history, and positive reviews, the greater the sense of security it provides. Choosing an uncertain energy supplier can have catastrophic consequences for a business. For example, the downfall of a small, unstable company could lead to the risk of price increases due to the need to switch to a backup supplier.

Why is it worth choosing Energy Trend?

  • We establish an energy procurement model and select the appropriate product
  • We support you in announcing a tender or competitive bidding process
  • We carefully examine each offer, analyze contract terms in detail, and negotiate conditions
  • We verify current contracts and negotiate changes within them
  • We conduct a monthly verification to ensure the accuracy of the current contract settlements

In addition, after gathering data from the company, we can suggest whether it’s worth conducting a more in-depth cost optimization analysis within the company, from contracted power capacity, reactive power compensation, tariff group optimization, to considering the installation of new facilities, such as photovoltaic systems.

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