Thermographic Inspections of Heating Installations

Heat Losses in Heating, Process Heat, or Steam Installations Can Incur Very High Costs. Frequent issues arise from leaks, often as a result of the wear and tear of installations or improper assembly. Additionally, there is a possibility of a rupture in the installation, leading to significant heat losses.

During thermographic inspections, we carefully analyze the aforementioned losses on the components of the installation’s fittings, such as valves, filters, pumps, etc. This is because they are often overlooked during the insulation of the entire system, and their insulation, after all, has a positive impact on energy savings. Through measurements, we can determine the temperature of critical components of the installation and propose suitable solutions to minimize losses.

At Energy Trend, we locate leaks using thermography. This is an invaluable method, especially when detecting leaks in invisible or hard-to-reach locations.

Additionally, through thermography, we can determine the surface temperature and thus specify the type and intensity of the leak, allowing us to estimate the costs of its repair. Based on this information, we can calculate the return on investment for repairs or the installation of alternative piping systems, such as pre-insulated pipes. Furthermore, thermography can assist in locating underground pipelines for which documentation may no longer exist or is incorrect. It also helps determine whether the pipeline coating meets current requirements as per the applicable standards.

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