White Certificates

  • Energy Efficiency Audit

  • Application to the Energy Regulatory Office (URE)

  • Investment Support
  • Contacting URE Employees
  • Selling on the TGE (Polish Power Exchange)

  • Success Fee

How to Gain Additional Benefits from the Planned Modernization Investment?

By obtaining White Certificates! They will help offset the costs, partially or even entirely. Your contribution involves merely signing a few documents, which we will prepare for you.

Article: White Certificates System. Discover answers to frequently asked questions.

What Are White Certificates?

White Certificates confirm that your company has improved energy efficiency, meaning it consumes less energy than before. As a result, you gain the image of a modern, environmentally-friendly company.

White Certificates, also known as Energy Efficiency Certificates, are also financial assets traded on the Polish Power Exchange under the code PMEF_F. Energy-selling companies are required to purchase them in order to provide their services. This means that White Certificates are an opportunity for your company to earn additional income!

When can you receive them and why is it worthwhile? Learn more about Energy Efficiency Certificates and the benefits they can bring to your company.

The price of White Certificates in 2023.

(according to the substitute fee)

Why is it worth obtaining White Certificates?

Partial Cost Refund

Companies receive an average of 30% return on investment from the sale of White Certificates. This is just an average because it sometimes happens that much more – a well-known detergent manufacturer recently invested 300,000 PLN in the installation of thermal energy management systems. The awarded White Certificates covered 50% of the costs incurred, and the entire investment paid off within 9 months.

Long-Term Investment

The value of White Certificates on the Polish Power Exchange increases on average by 5% each year. It’s a guaranteed profit, almost without any risk, because the PMEF_F situation on the exchange is very stable. That’s why Energy Efficiency Certificates make such a good investment.

Initial Audit

We conduct the first Energy Efficiency Audit before submitting the application to the Energy Regulatory Office. We include in it all recommendations regarding technically and financially justified projects. Thanks to it, you will find out which option will save the most energy in your company. We always conduct the audit in accordance with the investor’s guidelines and assumptions, while also utilizing the latest solutions.

Post-execution audit

Once the modernization work is completed, we conduct another audit. We do this at the request of the client or when it is necessary, for example, if, as a result of the modernization, energy savings will be more than 1163 MWh. Wethencheck whether the investment contractor carried out the investment correctly and in accordance with the guidelines of the initial audit and current standards.

What can White Certificates be obtained for?

Energy Efficiency Certificates are awarded to institutions and companies that plan to reduce their consumption of electricity, gas, heat, or other utilities. This not only increases energy efficiency but also offers the opportunity for additional funds – a double benefit!

  • Modernization of technological processes (e.g., rebuilding production lines, replacing machinery)

  • Building modernization (e.g., building insulation, replacement of heating and cooling sources) )

  • Adoption of new technologies (e.g., lighting replacement, automation systems, and energy management)

  • Energy recovery technology (e.g., utilizing heat energy losses)

How does the procedure look?

ur team handles the entire process of obtaining White Certificates exclusively.
On your side, there will be the implementation of the investment and the signing of a few documents prepared by us.

  1. Customer Needs Analysis
  2. Energy Audit
  3. Submitting an Application to URE
  4. Investment Commencement
  5. Reporting the Completion of the Investment to URE
  6. Issuing Certificates
  7. Selling on the Exchange
  8. Settlement of Compensation

Customer Needs Analysis




Submitting an Application
to URE




Reporting the Completion of the Investment to URE




on the Stock Exchange


Settlement of Compensation


  • Tasks performed by EnergyTrend

  • Tasks performed by the Investor

Why should you choose us?

Earnings Guarantee

As the only ones on the market, we guarantee the selling price of White Certificates on the TGE exchange at the level of 1653 PLN/toe. You can rest assured that if this does not happen, we will forfeit our entire fee. This provision can be found in the agreement signed with us.

Cost Cutting

Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with brokerage houses, your enterprise will save not only money on commissions, but also time – approximately several months on procedures and formalities related to the sale of Energy Efficiency Certificates on POLPX.

Success Fee

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us. Therefore, you will only pay for our service after obtaining White Certificates and selling them on the Polish Power Exchange. Until your company receives the funds into the account, you won’t pay a single penny.


rom the beginning of our cooperation, we provide advice and support for the implementation of the modernization. We start with conducting an Energy Efficiency Audit. ext, we submit an application to URE and take care of all contacts with its employees. After obtaining White Certificates, we take care of selling them on the TGE exchange.

Experienced specialists

Our team is made up of energy auditors, and their long experience in the industry is supported by numerous named references. Each of our auditors is a specialist in their field, including district heating, electrical engineering, industrial technology, and renewable energy. We are proud to be on the list of the Association of Energy Auditors.

1.000.000 PLN

We have insured our entire team for civil liability, including coverage for gross negligence risk. This gives you the assurance that in the event of an unforeseen accident, any potential damage will be covered by our insurer. Your company won’t have to pay a thing

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