Lighting modernization

Comprehensive service

  • Lighting project
  • Comparison of lighting manufacturers

  • Investment supervision

  • Obtaining financing

  • Payment for investment services only after receiving the grant

Replace your lighting with energy-efficient solutions thanks to subsidies!

A way to save in your municipality or company? Lighting modernization thanks to funds and White Certificates! We specialize in comprehensive replacement of street, industrial, and office lighting from A to Z.

Who do we help with
Lighting Modernization?

At Energy Trend, we provide the replacement and modernization of both indoor and outdoor lighting, including street lighting. From the project stage, through selecting the best offer, project supervision, to securing financing for it. Our services are available to all businesses and municipalities seeking energy consumption savings. We offer the modernization of office, industrial, street lighting, and more, including the replacement of lighting with LED technology.

  • Production halls, warehouses, and office buildings
  • Residential communities, shops, and shopping centers
  • Streets, parks, squares, etc.
  • Sports facilities and stadiums

What sets us apart from lighting installers and manufacturers?

Convenience, time savings, and cost savings

Instead of searching for numerous project contractors and lighting manufacturers, inviting them for site visits, and comparing their offers, trust us. We will do it for you. We will create a project that will allow you to easily compare supplier offers, including the warranty period and terms, lighting parameters, return on investment timeframe, and lighting operational costs. Then, we will negotiate prices on your behalfto ensure you pay as little as possible!

Comprehensive service

We provide full support for the implementation of modernization. We guide our clients through the entire process. We start with creating the project, conducting lighting audits, comparing and selecting offers from lighting suppliers and/or installers. Then, we submit the application for financing and oversee all the work. After obtaining White Certificates, we take care of selling them on the TGE exchange.

Clear rules

After just one site visit, we are able to propose our offer for the modernization of street lighting, production hall or office. We determine with the client the budget and possible funds from White Certificates or other national and EU funds. One common concept for modernization of industrial hall or street lighting and a clearly defined budget– you know everything at the very beginning, before the investment stage begins.

Everything under control

It’s obvious that it’s easier to manage one supplier than multiple, whether you’re implementing lighting modernization in a small production hall or across an entire network of streets in a municipality. That’s why, on behalf of our clients, we oversee all the work, both in terms of the bidding process and the investment implementation. And in case of any issues or unexpected changes, we react promptly and adjust the documentation. Only in this way can the lighting replacement become as little burden as possible for you and your company or municipality.

Energy-efficient solutions

We offer industrial, office, and street lighting design projects, always considering lighting standards, occupational health and safety regulations, and solutions that will effectively reduce energy consumption. Only in this way can you be sure that the investment will pay off quickly, and the electricity bills will start to decrease.

Insurance coverage of 1,000,000 PLN

We have insured our entire team against civil liability, with coverage for gross negligence risks. This gives you a guarantee that as a result of an unforeseeable accident, any potential damage will be repaired at the expense of our insurer.Your company or municipality will pay literally nothing.

Experienced specialists

Our team consists of energy auditors, and their extensive experience in the industry is supported by numerous personal references. Each of our auditors is a specialist in their field – we have excellent knowledge in areas such as electrical engineering, lighting design, and occupational health and safety regulations. Therefore, we will ensure that the implemented modernization in your company or municipality does not result in additional costs, such as those related to reactive power.

Success Fee

The satisfaction of our clients is paramount to us. That’s why you will only pay for our comprehensive service (searching for offers, project supervision, lighting audits, and grant acquisition) at the very end – after receiving the funding for the lighting modernization. Our compensation is a certain percentage of its value. You take no risks – you won’t pay us a penny until your municipality or company receives the grant funds into the account. You only pay the contractor for the lighting replacement.

How does the procedure look?

We conduct lighting modernization in 10 stages. All we need from you is to provide us with the necessary documents and present the requirements of your company or institution. We will take care of the rest.

  1. Analysis of the client’s needs and requirements
  2. Lighting Project Preparation
  3. Lighting Audit Conducted
  4. Submission of Grant Application
  5. Obtaining Lighting Manufacturers’ Quotes
  6. Preparation of Detailed Offer Comparison
  7. Investment Supervision
  8. Post-execution audit
  9. Securing Funding
  10. Settlement

Needs Analysis
and Customer Requirements


Lighting Project Preparation


Conducting Lighting Audit


Submission of Grant Application


Obtaining Lighting Manufacturers’ Quotes


Preparation of Detailed Offer Comparison


Investment Supervision




Securing Funding




Why is it worth conducting lighting modernization?


Lower energy bills and environmental conservation are the most common reasons for conducting modernization. By replacing lighting with LEDs with efficiency over 180 lm/W, implementing intelligent systems (such as automatic control), and utilizing other modern solutions (such as smartphone-controlled lighting management), you can reduce electricity bills in your municipality or company by up to 80%!


Did you know that you can apply for White Certificates, which we can monetize on the market? We apply for them even before we start upgrading the lighting of a production hall, community, street, etc. However, before you obtain them, we offer the possibility of financing the investment(paying installers + lighting manufacturers) in the ESCO formula or through leasing.

Initial Audit

After conducting an inventory and creating a lighting project, we perform a lighting audit. It will allow you to see the economic and ecological effects of the modernization. You will find out how much you will save and when your investment will pay off. Conducting an audit is also the basis for obtaining funding!

Comfort and efficiency

Replacing the lighting in an industrial hall or office and adjusting its intensity and color to work conditions will positively affect not only the comfort, but also the productivity of employees.Studies show that light can simulate an increase in productivity by up to 20%!


New lighting not only guarantees lower energy bills but also greater safety – and this is understood in two ways. Firstly, the risk of electrical faults is reduced. Secondly, improved street lighting provides better road conditions, resulting in fewer collisions and accidents. Meanwhile, modernizing the lighting in an office or industrial hall means safer workstations.

Post-execution audit

When the modernization of lighting in an industrial hall, street, or elsewhere is completed, we conduct another lighting audit. We check the quality of the work performed, their compliance with the project and the assumptions of the initial audit, and whether the changes implemented by the contractor meet the lighting standards requirements. Only in this way can you be sure that the investment has been carried out according to the agreed-upon standards.

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