Financing from savings

Financing from savings, also known as ESCO, allows our clients to carry out energy efficiency improvement projects using funds obtained from energy savings. As part of this service, Energy Trend will cover all the costs of implementing the investment, prepare the project and concept, and carry out the turnkey project.

You only pay for our service from the savings achieved as a result of the implemented investment, which are determined based on actual energy bills.

This financing model is advantageous because it allows you to avoid high upfront investment costs associated with improving energy efficiency, while still benefiting from lower energy bills. The service operates off the company’s balance sheet, so it does not impact the company’s creditworthiness. Additionally, our service has a positive environmental impact as it enables faster reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and improves the energy efficiency of the company.

This service can be combined with obtaining funds from the White Certificate System.

What is ESCO?

ESCO stands for Energy Saving Company, which is a company specializing in activities aimed at energy savings through optimization and reduction of its consumption. Financing energy efficiency improvement projects through ESCOs has become increasingly popular. ESCO companies operate on the basis of performance contracts, providing guarantees for their projects, and their scope of activities includes, among others, the purchase of heat pumps, photovoltaic installations, or lighting modernization. The investment is preceded by a detailed cost-benefit analysis, and the investor bears the initial cost. However, during the contract period, the invested amount is reimbursed based on the savings resulting from the implemented modernization. The ESCO formula allows for modernization even for organizations whose financial condition does not allow for traditional forms of investment.

The ESCO formula is popular both among private companies and public institutions because they do not bear the investment risk and gain solutions based on modern technologies that bring long-term benefits. Energy efficiency investments allow for energy savings, improved working conditions, and the implementation of environmentally friendly solutions. Additionally, improving energy efficiency can contribute to enhancing a company’s image.

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