Applications of hydrogen technology

Currently, most hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels, but methods for producing hydrogen from renewable energy sources like solar and wind power through water electrolysis are also being developed. During electrolysis, an electrolyzer separates oxygen and hydrogen from water. Hydrogen produced in this way is clean and does not emit any harmful substances, making it an attractive source of energy for businesses looking to improve their environmental impact.

Hydrogen can be used as an alternative source of energy in businesses, both for the production of electricity and heat. One of the applications of hydrogen is its use in industrial furnaces or in cogeneration, where in addition to generating electricity, the heat produced in the energy conversion process is used for technological or heating purposes.

Hydrogen is a clean source of energy that allows for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, which is important for businesses looking to improve their environmental impact. Hydrogen can also be stored and transported to supplement other energy sources, providing businesses with additional flexibility in managing their energy consumption. Our consultancy services on hydrogen application include a comprehensive analysis of your company’s operations and the identification of opportunities for using hydrogen as a clean energy source. We offer professional advice on using hydrogen for electricity and heat production, assist in selecting suitable solutions, and support the entire implementation process. With our consultancy, your company can benefit from the advantages of using a clean energy source like hydrogen, improving its environmental footprint, and reducing energy purchase costs.

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