Energy Efficiency Audit

  • Obtain White Certificates and financing for investments
  • Find out how much energy you will save annually

  • Discover the return on investment date

  • Find out how much good you’re doing for the environment

  • Benefit from the expertise of experienced engineers

Gain double benefits: assess your current energy consumption and receive financing!

Planning an upgrade? Order an Energy Efficiency Audit to qualify for financing or White Certificates.

Why does your company need an

Energy Efficiency Audit

The Energy Efficiency Audit stands out because it is conducted for individual investments. Typically, companies and public institutions require it to obtain White Certificates or financial support from specific programs offered by funds such as RPO, NFOŚiGW, WFOŚiGW. The Energy Efficiency Audit is often confused with the Mandatory Energy Audit for Enterprises.

The Energy Efficiency Audits are regulated by the Act of May 20, 2016, on energy efficiency, and the Regulation of the Minister of Energy of October 5, 2017, regarding the detailed scope and method of preparing Energy Efficiency Audits and calculating energy savings.

As part of the conducted Energy Efficiency Audit:

  • we assess the technical condition of the facility, its installations and equipment, and analyze how much energy they consume,
  • we present possibilities to improve energy efficiency – how much savings can be achieved through modernization and what is its cost-effectiveness,
  • we confirm the planned reduction in energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions so that your company can meet the requirements of grant programs.

What investments are worth planning to reduce energy consumption?

Building insulation

Choosing this solution brings two benefits in one because it is the quickest way to save energy and improve the appearance of the building. With the use of financing from various funds, public and industrial buildings are most often insulated.

Lighting modernization

As part of the Energy Efficiency Audit, we can point out lighting modernization, which is characterized by a relatively quick return on investment. It is most often done for industrial lighting – typically, the payback period is less than 2 years, and the electricity savings exceed 70%.

Heat recovery

Heat recovery is most often of interest to manufacturing companies that want to redirect wasted energy to production equipment or for heating central heating and hot water. Heat-related losses can amount to millions of złoty per year, which is why we recommend implementing this solution promptly.

Replacement of production machinery

As our experience shows, replacing production machinery, such as a ceramic tile kiln, not only increases production speed but also reduces gas consumption. Often, for manufacturing companies, such a replacement results in million-dollar profits.

Replacement of heat source

The Energy Efficiency Audit may reveal the need to replace a 20-30-year-old heat source with a modern boiler that complies with current standards. This often leads to a significant reduction in heat production losses, sometimes even by more than 50%!

Ventilation and heat distribution control

Installing a thermal energy and ventilation management system allows for precise control of heat to reduce its losses. As a result of such an investment, there is a reduced amount of heat entering the system, which can be reduced by up to 30%.

Why is it worth conducting an

Energy Efficiency Audit

We conduct Energy Efficiency Audits for companies and public institutions that intend to reduce their consumption of electricity, gas, heat, or other utilities. By doing so, they not only increase energy efficiency but also have the opportunity to save additional money – it’s a double benefit!

  • Modernization of technological processes (e.g., rebuilding production lines, replacing machinery)

  • Building modernization (e.g., building insulation, replacement of heating and cooling sources) )

  • Adoption of new technologies (e.g., lighting replacement, automation systems, and energy management)

  • Energy recovery technology (e.g., utilizing heat energy losses)

How does the procedure look?

We conduct the Energy Efficiency Audit in 8 stages. All we need from you is to provide us with the necessary documents and present the requirements set by your company or institution. We will take care of the rest.

  1. Analysis of the client’s needs and requirements
  2. Familiarization with the fund’s requirements
  3. Familiarization with the documentation and current state of the investment
  4. Familiarization with the project documentation
  5. Preparation of the audit report
  6. Preparation of the application for the fund or assistance in its preparation
  7. Modernization
  8. Post-execution audit

Analysis of the client’s needs and requirements


Familiarization with the fund’s requirements


Familiarization with the investment and technical documentation


Familiarization with existing projects or creating new ones


Preparation of the audit report


Preparation of the application for the fund or assistance in its preparation




Post-execution audit


  • Tasks performed by EnergyTrend

  • Tasks performed by the Investor

Why should you choose us?

Experienced specialists

Our team consists of energy auditors, and their extensive experience in the industry is supported by numerous personal references. Each of our auditors is a specialist in their field, including district heating, electrical engineering, industrial technology, and renewable energy. We are proud to be on the list of the Association of Energy Auditors.

1.000.000 PLN

We have insured our entire team for civil liability, including coverage for gross negligence risk. This gives you the assurance that in the event of an unforeseen accident, any potential damage will be covered by our insurer. Your company won’t have to pay a thing


We guarantee that we will conduct the Energy Efficiency Audit in accordance with best practices. Therefore, we are confident that it will not be rejected by any fund. However, if it does happen, at your institution’s request, we will refund our entire fee, and we will conduct the audit again, completely free of charge.

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