Energy Audit for Businesses

  • Examination of energy consumption in the company

  • Investment financing

  • Return on Investment (ROI) assessment
  • Profitability of Renewable Energy Investment
  • Analysis of tariff selection and contracted power

  • Notification to the Energy Regulatory Office (URE) of the audit completion

Reduce long-term energy costs

Every large company in Poland is required to conduct a periodic energy audit every 4 years

Article: Mandatory Energy Audit. Get answers to frequently asked questions.

What will you learn from
the Energy Audit for Businesses?

How to reduce energy consumption?

We conduct a diagnosis of energy usage in the company. We examine energy-consuming points, installations, and production points that collectively consume at least 90% of energy. This allows us to identify actions and investments that should be gradually undertaken to save on energy consumption. Furthermore, we will inform you about the costs associated with their implementation.

What type of investments to choose?

Our auditors are up to date with the latest advancements in energy efficiency-enhancing technologies. We compare innovative solutions in terms of energy savings, return on investment, and environmental impact. We provide advice on the order of modernization implementation so that your company can further minimize costs.

How to finance the investment?

We present possible methods of financial support for investments – we analyze currently available programs in funds, tax incentives, and loans. As part of the Energy Audit for Businesses, we also consider the possibility of obtaining White Certificates. Furthermore, we determine the profitability of financing investments in the ESCO and EPC formulas. For the most interesting investments, we have prepared a special financing offer in these models.

Is it worth investing in renewable energy sources (OZE)?

We conduct an analysis of the feasibility, profitability, and efficiency of using renewable energy sources in the company. We examine the use of high-efficiency cogeneration, geothermal, solar, wind, and hydropower. Investing in renewable energy sources is not only an environmentally friendly solution but also a modern approach to business.

Is the tariff and contracted power properly selected?

In the report from the Energy Audit for Businesses, we will check whether your company has a well-selected tariff and contracted power. A poorly chosen tariff results in your company paying too much for electricity and its distribution, while inappropriate power can lead to high fines.

Is it worth implementing an Energy Management System?

We conduct an analysis of the existing Energy Management System in terms of PN-EN ISO 50001 requirements. In the absence of such a system, we assess the profitability of its implementation. However, we can already say today that it will provide energy savings, reduce company costs, and help meet environmental protection requirements.

Who is required to conduct an audit?

A company that, in the last two financial years, calculated separately for each year, has exceeded one of the following requirements:


of employees



mln € total balance sheet



mln € annual turnover

How to avoid a penalty for not conducting an audit?

The penalties currently amount to 5% of the company’s revenue, which often translates into millions of dollars. To avoid them, you should conduct the Energy Audit for Businesses every 4 years. If the deadline has passed, it is essential to commission such an audit as soon as possible, as it will help avoid penalties.

If your company has received a letter from the Energy Regulatory Office reminding you of the obligation to conduct an audit, contact us as soon as possible. We will help you avoid penalties!

How does the procedure look?

We specialize in conducting Energy Audits for businesses from A to Z. We handle the entire procedure at the request of the client without interfering with the operations of the company and with minimal involvement of technical personnel. If your company wants to find out where your money is going, you can conduct an Energy Audit for your business. It’s worth doing it now, especially since energy prices are constantly rising!

Our clients usually commission very detailed audits, and then with our support, they implement the proposed solutions. However, if you only want to meet the audit obligation, we will also prepare a special offer for you.

  1. Determining the Client’s Needs
  2. Local vision
  3. Analysis of collected data
  4. Verification of investment financial feasibility
  5. Preparation of the audit report
  6. Detailed discussion of the audit with the Client
  7. Verification of the audit by the Client
  8. Preparation of a notification to the Energy Regulatory Office
  9. Obtaining White Certificates

Determining the Client’s Needs


Local vision


Analysis of collected data


Verification of investment financial feasibility


Preparation of the audit report


Detailed discussion of the audit with the Client


Preparation of a notification to the Energy Regulatory Office


Support in Implementing Recommendations


  • Tasks performed by EnergyTrend

  • Tasks performed by the Investor

Why should you choose us?

Experienced specialists

Our team consists of energy auditors, and their extensive experience in the industry is supported by numerous personal references. Each of our auditors is a specialist in their field, including district heating, electrical engineering, industrial technology, and renewable energy. We are proud to be on the list of the Association of Energy Auditors.

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that we will conduct the Energy Audit of Enterprises in accordance with the best practices. Therefore, we are confident that it will not be rejected by the Energy Regulatory Office (URE). However, if this were to happen, at your company’s request, we will refund our entire fee, and our legal firm will handle all formalities, including contacting URE on your behalf.

1.000.000 PLN

We have insured our entire team for civil liability, including coverage for gross negligence risk. This gives you the assurance that in the event of an unforeseen accident, any potential damage will be covered by our insurer. Your company won’t have to pay a thing

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