Wind energy for businesses

Wind energy is clean and does not emit greenhouse gases, contributing to environmental protection. It is also cheaper than energy derived from fossil fuels. Having your own wind power plant allows for reducing energy costs and becoming less dependent on external suppliers. Investing in wind power plants is also a good way to diversify energy sources and increase the energy security of the company.

One of the main advantages of wind energy over photovoltaics is that wind turbines can generate energy around the clock, whereas solar panels only produce electricity when there is sunlight. Wind turbines are also typically more efficient than solar panels in generating energy per unit of surface area. On the other hand, photovoltaics have their advantages, such as simpler installation and fewer space and regulatory requirements at the national and local levels.

To build your own wind farm, you need to conduct various analyses:

  • Technical analysis: Determines the technical requirements of the wind farm, such as the type and quantity of wind turbines, location, electrical configuration, required infrastructure, and necessary grid connections.
  • Economic analysis: Evaluates the profitability of the project, conducts market research and energy sales forecasts, assesses construction and operational costs, projects potential profits, and estimates the payback period of the investment.
  • Environmental analysis: Identifies the potential environmental impact of the wind farm, including its effects on the landscape, wildlife, flora, noise, and human health.
  • Tax and legal analysis: Involves identifying the regulations and laws related to the construction and operation of a wind farm, including permits, licenses, fees, and taxes.
  • Location analysis: Involves determining the best location for the wind farm, considering factors such as wind availability and quality, geological conditions, infrastructure availability, and proximity to existing power grids.

Therefore, it is important to seek professional legal and advisory assistance, such as that provided by Energy Trend specialists, and to conduct all required analyses thoroughly.

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