Industrial burners

Energy efficiency in industrial burners is crucial because it determines the effectiveness of fuel utilization and the reduction of negative environmental impact.

A high level of efficiency means that the burner can utilize more energy from the fuel, with less being lost in the form of heat or exhaust gases. This allows the industry to reduce fuel consumption and energy costs while also limiting the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

To compare the efficiency of industrial burners, the Boiler Efficiency coefficient is commonly used. It is the ratio of the heat obtained from the fuel to the heat required for heating purposes. This coefficient is measured in percentages, and the higher it is, the more efficient the burner is.

Burners with high energy efficiency are particularly important in today’s times when there is increasing emphasis on reducing production costs, environmental protection, and striving for climate neutrality. High-quality burners enable industries to reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate protection.

Changing industrial burners can also have other positive effects. Replacing gas-powered burners with burners powered by alternative fuels, such as hydrogen, can bring many benefits, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, mitigating the risk of gas supply disruptions, and increasing energy supply reliability. However, this change may also entail additional investment and operational costs, as well as heightened requirements related to compliance with safety and environmental regulations.

Our offer includes comprehensive consultancy regarding the selection and feasibility of replacing industrial burners, starting from analyzing needs and technical specifications, through selecting the appropriate model and manufacturer, to supporting the installation and commissioning process of the new burner. All of this is done to assist our clients in achieving their business goals and increasing the efficiency of industrial processes.

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