Renewable energy is becoming increasingly popular in today’s world, and photovoltaic panel installations are one of the most efficient ways to harness this energy. Many businesses opt for such a solution to ensure themselves a reliable and cost-effective source of energy. Unfortunately, those responsible for the project often wonder how to find a location for building a photovoltaic installation.

Below, we have presented a few of our ideas:

  • Carports: special structures that serve as parking spaces for cars while also allowing for the maximum generation of energy from solar panels. Carports are most commonly constructed in place of existing parking lots, making the space utilized optimally.
  • Side Wall Mounting: Installing solar panels on the side walls of a building is a good solution, but it’s important to ensure that the wall is sturdy enough to support the weight of the panels. Ideally, the wall should face south, as this side of the building receives the most sunlight and will provide the highest efficiency for the panels.
  • Warehouse and Production Facility Roofs: The roofs of warehouses and production facilities can be good locations for installing solar panels. If the roof is not strong enough, it’s worth considering reinforcement to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the installation.
  • Covered Parking: Covered parking can serve as carports and be a good place for installing solar panels. This allows for space savings while harnessing additional solar energy.
  • Green Areas: Installing solar panels in the green areas of a business is possible if a special site is prepared. This is a good way to utilize space that would otherwise go to waste.
  • Storage Sheds: These are special structures that allow for the generation of solar energy without the need to use the roof of a building.
  • Self-Contained Structures: The installation can be done on a specially prepared platform, such as a frame, that is not integrated with the building. It’s worth using them in poorly lit areas.

How to choose the power of a photovoltaic installation?

In addition to finding the right location for the photovoltaic installation, it is also important to choose the optimal power for the installation based on the energy profile of the company. The optimal power of the photovoltaic installation for industrial use should ensure the maximum utilization of the generated electricity for the company’s needs, while minimizing the surplus electricity sold to the grid and maximizing self-sufficiency.

At Energy Trend, we provide our customers with comprehensive support in the process of choosing the best solutions for their photovoltaic installation. We offer independent and objective advice on selecting the parameters of the installation to ensure maximum efficiency and utilization of the generated energy. Additionally, we assist in project implementation, including securing investment financing.