Industrial heat pumps

Heat pumps are becoming increasingly common as a solution for heating buildings. They use three different types of refrigerant, so we divide them into: water, air, and ground-source heat pumps.

Air-source heat pumps utilize air from outside the building. Through processes like condensation, expansion, and evaporation, they transfer heat to the heating system. This sets them apart from traditional boilers, as they do not generate heat but rather move it. Air-source heat pumps are currently the most commonly chosen type of heat pump. Water-source pumps work on a similar principle, with the minor difference being that they draw heat from water. Ground-source heat pumps, on the other hand, extract heat from the ground using buried probes. The stable temperature of the ground contributes to their high efficiency. However, this also makes them the most expensive option. They come with a significant price tag, and their installation involves drilling deep wells or spacing them widely apart.

Heat pumps are used to heat water, in central heating systems, or to assist in industrial processes that require heat.

To ensure that a heat pump can operate, electricity is required. That’s why heat pumps are often used in conjunction with photovoltaic systems. Another advantage of heat pumps is their efficiency, which is twice as high as traditional heat sources like gas or solid fuel boilers. Additionally, in the summer, by reversing the heating process, the cooling produced by the heat pump can be used to cool buildings or in industrial processes where cooling is needed.

At Energy Trend, we will precisely determine the needs of your company and select the appropriate type of heat pump that will not only save energy but also improve technological processes and enhance the working comfort in the enterprise.

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